Seton Helping Saints Walk

Philanthropy – Using our time, talents, and treasures to serve our community and each other. Each one of us is a philanthropist raising money and supporting one another.

70% of the proceeds will benefit Seton’s operational budget to offset tuition fees.

30% of the proceeds will go to Seton Helping Saints. This organization has been able to help our community in need by supporting individuals who are experiencing a challenging situation, providing food and clothing, supporting families with Christmas gifts, and allowing students to take advantage of opportunities they otherwise could not afford. Seton Helping Saints’ mission statement is “The students of Seton High School advocating for the Seton Community and its constituents by way of time, treasure and talent in the spirit of their Patroness, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.”

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School Incentives!

· If the entire school can raise $42,000 by September 29th:

                  o Walk length will be 6.2 miles

· If the entire school can raise $45,000 by September 29th:

                  o Walk length will be 4.0 miles

· If the entire school can raise $50,000 by September 29th.

                  o Walk length will be 3.1 miles

If there is a 100% participation of a minimum of $10 donated by each student by September 29th, the school will earn an ALL SCHOOL FREE DAY on Monday February 26 (Day after Celebrate Seton)!

House Incentives!

· Earn Charity Points!
· Out of uniform day, hour lunch with pizza, snow cones and seeing a movie in the Auditorium the last two bells.

Mentor Group Incentives!

· Mentor Group that raises the most in donations receives a SPECIAL DAY which includes:

          o Mentor Group designed t-shirt
          o Breakfast
          o Lunch
          o Elevator pass for a day
          o 5 minute early dismissal at the end of the day

Individual Incentives!

Level one: $50 in sponsorship

          · T-shirt
          · One ticket earned

Level two: $100 in sponsorship

          · Out of uniform until the walk (except Thursday, September 14 – St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Mass)
          · Another ticket earned, for every $25 over this level, earn another ticket

Level three: $125 in sponsorship

          · An out of uniform pass to be used throughout the year
          · For every $25 over this level, you will earn another pass (maximum of 15 passes)

Level four: $150 in sponsorship

          · Personal free day of your choice

Level five: $200 in sponsorship

          · A member of the Elite 200 club
          · T-shirt
          · Personal free day
          · Out of uniform until day of the walk
          · 4 out of uniform passes for the school year
          · Paid ticket to the freshman, sophomore, or Christmas Dance for you and your date

Raffle Winner:

          · She and her friends will ride a Pedal Wagon for the distance of the walk

Highest Earners:

          · The four highest fundraisers in the school will earn a ride in a Limo the day of the walk with lunch at Skyline and Graeter’s ice cream. They may also bring a friend in the Limo.

Collection days will be during Mentor Groups on:

Friday, August 25
Friday, September 1
Friday, September 8
Friday, September 15
Friday, September 22
Final Turn in Day: Thursday, September 28

Sponsor a Student Walker!

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