Individual and Group Counseling

High school is a challenging time and students are faced with numerous decisions about schedules, classes, careers and college.

Through individual advising sessions, Academic Advisors help each student understand herself, discover her abilities and make good decisions in personal, educational and career areas.

Group guidance topics conducted by the Advising and Counseling Department also focus on social and emotional well-being and adopting pro-active behaviors necessary for career and life success. Topics include:

  • Study skills and soft-skill development such as effective communication and collaboration with peers and adults
  • Managing test anxiety
  • Coping with depression, anger, or mental illnesses
  • Coping with physical disabilities or other barriers

Personal Counseling

Academic Advisors may refer students to internal or external resources for additional support in crisis management, grief, as well as social or personal issues.

Confidentiality and Referral

Members of the Academic Advising and Counseling Department abide by guidelines on confidentiality. Generally, a student's personal conversations with their Advisor, School Social Worker, or other members of the Student Support Services team will remain confidential, with the exception of the following situations: if the student is putting herself in grave danger, if the student is likely to do grave harm to another person, if the student reveals or indicates that she has been abused, if information is relevant to other team members or school administration. 

If parents notice that the student is experiencing significant emotional problems, the Academic Advisors encourage the parent to call regarding the possibility of a referral to an outside mental health professional.

Academic Advising Members

Erin Lind
Erin Lind
Class of 2003
Academic Advising
School Counselor, Emmits House
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2041
Katie Rader
Katie Rader
Academic Advising
School Counselor- Cedar House
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2043
Robyn Schwarz
Robyn Schwarz
Class of 1997
Academic Advising
School Counselor, Segale House
(513) 471-2600 ext. 2040
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