Varsity Soccer

Varsity Head Coach:  Marisa Wolf
Varsity Assistant Coaches: Lisa LaRosa, Leo Neiheisel

2019 Soccer Pre-Season Information

Summer Strength and Conditioning

Seton High School is excited to offer the Seton Strength and Conditioning Program presented by Maureen Groll.  Maureen is certified in both group fitness (ACE) and individual training (AAAI/ISMA). She is a co-owner of Living Fitness.  Strength and conditioning will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 7:00 - 8:00 a.m.  If you would like to participate, please turn in the Medical Release and Participation Form with your $25.00 cash or check payable to Seton High School to Seton’s Athletic Office.  The Medical Release and Participation Form can be found HERE

Starting June 13, Strength and Conditioning with Maureen Groll will be at Seton for the rest of the summer.

Please park in the Vincent Lot located across from the parking garage and enter the building through the door next to the Home City Ice chest.  Be advised that absolutely no one can park in the Beech Lot or enter the building anywhere except the back door.  Please bring a beach towel, water and light hand weights.  Continue to check your email and the Seton website for changes due to construction.



JV Soccer

JV Head Coach: Becky Torbeck ’06
JV Assistant Coach:  Jaime McWhorter ’99

Freshman Soccer

Freshman Head Coach: Kristen DePaoli McCarty ’06
Freshman Assistant Coach:  Rachael Rogers Doll ’08

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