Seton Athletic Boosters

Thank you to our 2018-2019 Athletic Boosters!

Jeanna Grawe Beltsos Peggy and Steve Laub
Brogan Oil Shannon and Tim McClatchey
Brossart Pharmacy - John Brossart Jennifer and Tom Meyer
Mark and Janet Cunningham Modern Sheet Metal Works
Denver and Kelly DeGregorio Kelly and Jeff Niederhausen
Andy and Jeanie Edrich Nick and Sharon Raymond
Mark and Aundi Emerson Lynn and Tim Rhoads
Gina and Mike Fieler Dave and Rhonda Richards
Katie and Giles Galbraith Gina and Daryl Rider
Ross and Shanna Hambleton Jodie and Rob Schaefer
Steve and Jeannine Hart Tim and Jo Schenkel
Lenore and Michael Hater Mike and Christy Schutte
Chad and Nikki Kamstra Amy and Danny Sideris
Kelsey Chevrolet Jane and Scott Timon
Lasita Family Dr. Matthew and Christi Witsken

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