Clubs and Organizations

Moderator: Mr. Kohler,

Assist with running video announcements, producing school videos, and designing lighting and sound in the Performance Hall.  


Moderator: Gina Rider & Ann Jett

The Seton High School Academic Team competes in the Greater Cincinnati Academic League, which consists of teams from 16 are Catholic high schools.  The team meets weekly during the school year, with league competition from November to March. Competitions include questions covering a wide variety of disciplines, including math, science, literature, history, geography, and fine arts.  There are varsity and reserve level matches.

Moderator: Margie Metz

Anime Club promotes a pop-culture inspired alternative to the traditional Art Club requirements.  We seek to inspire developing artists and writers to explore graphic design through the comic industry.  We promote positive, life-affirming expressions to our artwork and stories.    

We also seek to promote Japanese culture to the whole Seton community, in the hopes of fostering tolerance and Asian awareness among our entire Seton community.

Art Club members participate in various opportunities throughout the year. Each year provides different events, but often include holiday window painting, Art Week, student art competitions and more.

There is an Annual Art Show held at Seton each May.

Students work on murals and other art works throughout the school.

There are also visits to art museums and galleries, art fundraisers, and artistic volunteer work.

 Art Club is open to everyone and the meetings are held in the art room at 2:15 on Wednesdays.

Moderator: Margie Metz 
Please contact Mrs. Metz for any questions about Art Club at
Art Club Gallery

Moderator: Jan Linz, Al Kovosic

The Campus Ministry Program of Seton High School supports the school mission by attending to the spiritual needs of the Seton community. Students and staff members who are involved in Campus Ministry plan and participate in school prayer services, liturgies, retreats and days of reflection. Students and staff members can also lead prayer each morning over the PA system and before meetings.

Campus Ministry is also concerned with outreach to the community and has several planned service projects throughout the school year. Membership to Campus Ministry is open to every grade level and training for liturgical roles is available and encouraged.

Each Seton student completes a minimum of fifteen hours of Community Service each year.  Full details HERE.

Moderator: Gary Rodgers (Elder HS)

Drama is open to everyone. This organization sponsors non-musical productions during the school year.  Meetings are held on varying days and times, depending on the current production and time of year.



Moderator: Ann Jett

The Seton High School Environmental Club works to raise awareness about environmental issues within our campus and surrounding community.  We wish to educate our community on recycling and how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

 Activities include:

  •  Planning recycling contests
  •  Planning beautification projects for Seton High School grounds,
  •  Making posters about Eco friendly practices,
  •  Doing announcements and videos about green practices,
  •  Educating the community by going to the local grade schools,
  •  Plan fun events or trips

Moderator: Katie Schlosser

The French Club is an organization that promotes French and Francophone culture and awareness to the students at Seton. The club meets biweekly and is open to all students who are interested in learning about the French Culture. The club will focus on holidays and events.

Moderators: Julia Hoffman and Lisa LaRosa

Can you guess how many of the 500 CEO’s for the fortune 500 companies, this year in 2018, are women?  Of the 500, sadly only 5!

Are you interested in business? or maybe just want to learn more about it? Join this Club!

Moderator: Molly Brauch

The Seton Latin Club works to foster interest in Rome and the Roman language while helping students understand and appreciate the world today. Latin Club welcomes all students to grow in responsibility, friendship, and knowledge of Roman Culture. 

Moderator: Margie Metz

Art students enrolled in Art 3 or Art 4 that earn an average of 90% or above for three consecutive quarters are inducted into Seton’s chapter of the National Art Honor Society. As with any Honor Society, incidences of cheating, plagiarism or personal misconduct at any time may immediately disqualify students from membership. Students inducted into the National Art Honor Society serve the community and school through art-related projects. A ceremony will be held each spring to celebrate the induction of new members into the National Art Honor Society.


Moderators: Mrs. Katie Meese

The St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Chapter of the National Honor Society at Seton High School is an organization devoted to scholarship, service, leadership and character. While striving to maintain the highest academic standards and lead their classmates, NHS members also perform community service as individuals and as a group, including offering free tutoring to all Seton students. Members are selected during their junior or senior year on the basis of scholarship (minimum of a 3.50 GPA), service (Seton-wide service requirement of 15 hours met), leadership (Candidate Information Form), and character (faculty evaluations). Eligible candidates will be notified in the first quarter."

The National Honor Society is Seton High School’s most prestigious Honor Society. Students are expected to maintain high degrees of academic and personal integrity to remain members. Incidences of academic and personal misconduct can immediately disqualify students from membership in accordance with the Bylaws for the Honor Society. 

Moderator: Molly Brauch

Members must be enrolled in Latin, maintain a 90% average for three consecutive quarters, and be good ambassadors for the Latin language. As with any Honor Society, incidences of cheating, plagiarism or personal misconduct at any time can immediately disqualify students from membership in accordance with policies outlined in the organization’s Bylaws, Academic Policies and Course Descriptions Handbook and the Student Handbook.

A ceremony will be held each spring to celebrate the induction of new members into the National Latin Honor Society.

Membership & Requirements

Members of the Spanish Honor Society maintain high academic and personal integrity while serving their school and community.

National Spanish Honor Society Members
1 hour of service
1 meeting per month

Service Opportunities:
St Lawrence: tutor Tuesdays 3:00-3:30
Holy Family: tutor Wednesdays after school
Holy Family: help with Children’s Church Sundays 11:00-12:15 
Seton: tutor a student that takes Spanish (give business cards with your information and times available to the Spanish teachers)

As with any Honor Society, incidences of cheating, plagiarism or personal misconduct at any time can immediately disqualify students from membership in accordance with the policies outlined in the organization’s Bylaws, Academic Policies and Course Descriptions Handbook and the Student Handbook.

Constitution and Bylaws

Moderator: Erin Vanover


THEME:  Fall colors   

DUE: By Friday OCT 26th

You can send 1 submission per person to Mrs. Vanover at This contest is for staff and students, however, both will be in separate pools. The staff prize is a coffee mug with candy🍬.   The student winner will receive a water bottle, Halloween socks and candy🎃.  

So what is Recreational Sports Club you ask???? Well, here are some things you should know:

  • Fun sports like handball and pickleball
  • Super fun way to stay active
  • Open to all recreational sport suggestions 
  • Meets every Wednesday in the gym from 2:15-3:15 (or as long as you can stay)
  • Safe and fun place for everyone

Moderator: Colleen Daubermerkl

Saints for Life club mission is to enable our community to understand the fullness of being pro-life and thus achieve greater freedom and love for ourselves, our school and our greater community.   

Meetings are held on Thursdays 2:45 p.m. - 3:15 p.m.

Moderator: Jennifer Lanter

Seton High School advocating for the Seton Community and its constituents by way of time, treasure and talent in the spirit of their Patroness, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Application for Assistance

Club Application Form

*NEW* Seton Helping Saints Scholarship Application


Moderator: Shawna McQuillan

The Spanish Club is an organization comprised of those students who study Spanish. Students may attend meetings whenever they are able. The club meets approximately once a month, and plans activities/parties to celebrate holidays. Spanish Club elects officers who direct the meetings and facilitate events

Moderator: Maribeth Samoya

School Dean: Marianne Ridiman

House Deans: 

Justin Kohler- Segale

Mary Ritter- O’Connell

Ann Jett- Cedar

Gina Rider- Emmits

Click HERE for more information about this student government model.

Moderator: Nikki Roell & Jenifer Johnson

As a part of Seton High School, StrongHer will strive to strengthen self-esteem and confidence in girls of all ages. This club will promote individuality, inner beauty and acts of kindness by sharing messages of acceptance, motivation and strength.  Our goal is to be optimistic role models for our peers and younger girls while continuing to enhance the welcoming tradition of the Seton sisterhood.  

Meetings are held every Monday, right after school until 3:20.

Questions or ideas can be sent to

Moderator: Marianne Ridiman

The student ambassador program is known as Seton Has Spirit (SHS)!!!  Members of the Ambassador program represent Seton at various activities including school fairs, Open House and the Evening of Distinction.  In addition, they are asked to serve as hostesses and/or attend events both during the school day and outside of school hours. 

Admission to the program is by application only.  Applications are available in the fourth quarter for the upcoming school year.  Interested students are asked to complete an application and submit it to the Director of Student Retention. Participants are selected by a representative group of faculty and staff.

Moderator: Cindy Busse

Meet every other Thursday for some relaxing yoga!

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